Attach-To-Your-Cap Sunglasses

Traditional sunglasses pose a problem - what do you do when you take them off? Misplaced, forgotten, dropped, we've all faced these issues. Let's not forget the discomfort and constant adjusting on your nose. No more slipping or sliding during activities!

Underdogs are here to solve all these problems!

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Effortless Adjustments & Flip-Down Action.

  • Easy Adjustment: Securely fits on cap brim.
  • Ready When You Are: Flip down when you need them, flip up when you don't.

Never Lose Your Sunglasses Again!

Clip and Go: Attach to your cap's bill and forget about misplacing your glasses.

Touch-Free Comfort.

No discomfort: No more slipping or sliding during activities! Say goodbye to ear irritation and constant adjustments.

Superior Optical Quality

Unparalleled Clarity: With high-grade polycarbonate lenses, Underdog sunglasses offer sharp visuals and minimal distortion.

Watch UNDERDOG in action:

  • Secure shades on hat: Highly recommended.

    I don’t wear hats often; I was unsure about these Underdogs.  Wow!  These polarized shades are great!  They make me want to wear hats more often.  I fish…a lot.  While wearing Underdogs they’re always where I left them…tucked away neatly on my hat.  I can wear them over my cheaters for tying knots, they stay clean, and the flip up/down action is smooth.  Great product!  I would definitely recommend them.  

    - Bob | Minnetonka, MN.

  • Always on my hat, no touching nose or ears.

    My husband and I love to play pickleball.  Great exercise and such a fun social game.  When not playing it is fun to chat with friends.  The bad part is that I have a tendency to leave my sunglasses on the “social” table when they should be on my face when playing in a match!  With the Underdogs  they are always on my hat and I love them.  In addition to always having them I love the fact that they don’t touch my nose and ears.

    -Trish | Scottsdale, AZ.

  • Flip, adapt, and conquer the greens with Underdogs!

    Today, my Underdogs were the perfect golf accessory. As the sun dipped behind dark clouds, a simple “flip” let me keep up with the changing light without the hassle of removing and storing regular sunglasses. They also make reading greens a breeze! I won’t golf without them!

    - Mary Beth | St. Paul, MN